"Light is the shape and play of my thought.... my reason for being a photographer."
-Barbara Morgan

Why am I a photographer? I am not really sure. It is something that I love. Photography is who I am. Photography is what I do. Ever since my junior year of high school I have not been able to put down my camera. I was entranced by the ability to capture one singular moment in time and hold onto it forever. For most people what they do in high school is just for fun. It may become a hobby, but usually nothing more. For me it became my life.

I am a teacher, a wife, a mother, a photographer. I try to extend my love of photography to those around me whether it is in the classroom, or through the portraits and events that I have been to. Photography can truly capture a feeling, a meaning to life and I want to pass that on.

In my 15 plus years of photographing weddings, portraits, and events I have pushed myself to excel in capturing the true moment, just as it happened, just as you would remember it. Let Meredith Stevens Photography Help you to capture the moments that mean the most to you.